Love Genius and a Walk







Love, Genius and a Walk is a play that shows
how art and marriage can make odd bedfellows.
Gustav Mahler, world-renowned composer and conductor,
wants his wife to be his muse, but Alma desires the
a closeness that he cannot give, he thinks,
in order to get his work done. Mahler turns to the
psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud for guidance, and both men
find that neither of them may be that clued up about
women. At the same time, a modern couple’s life mirrors
Alma and Mahler’s except here she is the artist who works
all the time and their conundrum is a commercially
an oriented husband whose thoughts on art can be a touch confounding.

The two stories twist and turn through the quagmires of love and genius,
much of it to the sweeping music of Mahler. Love, Genius and a Walk toured
the UK in 2019, and was nominated for 6 prizes, included Best Play, at the
Midtown Festival in New York. It now returns to London in new creative production
by director Leah Townley.  Written by the New York Writer Gay Walley.

Writer and Producer – Gay Walley
Co Producer – Lloyd Morris
Director – Leah Townley
Assistant Director – Gwenan Bain
Set Designer – Constance Villemot
Lighting Designer – Chuma Emembolu
Musical Supervisor – Peter Michaels
Stage Manager – Jessica Bickel-Barlow

Running time: 2 hours with an interval