Guerilla Aspies – A neurotypical society infiltration manual

If you know nothing about the term autism, now is your chance to learn, have fun and enjoy.  You are not supposed to talk about being autistic like this…

Diagnosed at the age of 41, Paul Wady stars in this audience autism conversion show – the longest running and only one like it in the world.  Creating ‘the autistic space’ that self advocates discovered together back in the late 1990’s, Paul takes audiences on a stage by stage journey ‘into the spectrum’ in an an audience interactive event that defies description. PowerPoint lecture? Cabaret? Audience workshop show? Confession? One to one confrontation? You decide.

In an entirely positively biased account of being an autistic person, join Paul Wady in his historic show that has been performed in New York 2018, Dublin 2017, Edinburgh fringe 2015-2019 and the Brighton and Swindon festivals too. Paul published the book Guerilla Aspies – a neurotypical society infiltration manual back in 2015.  It is now in it’s third edition.

The man behind t-shirts, badges and books brings his challenging and controversial NeuroTransformational event to Theatro Technis.  Are you brave enough to join the new normal?

A major voice of the first wave of out autistic self advocates on social media and in person, is calling the world out.

Opening Paul’s show we will present the short play Emily’s Theorem by Jake Abbott, a young writer with an Asperger’s diagnosis. In addition, the foyer at Theatro Technis is hosting a painting exhibition by autistic painter Tamsin Parker, making the day a de facto mini-autistic arts festival!

Wady delivers his message with a smile and a sense of urgency that truly carries past the show. This is an incredibly interesting and illuminating performance that should not be missed, especially due to the importance of the subject matter. We must all treat each other with dignity and respect. (Jason Rosario – Fringe Review, 2018)