‘Madman’s DIARY’ & ‘FIRST Love’

Madman’s DIARY by N. Gogol
(in English)

Insanity has always provided rich pickings for theatre, and this play continues in that fine, if rather crowded, tradition. The play centers on a civil servant who stands alone on the stage for the duration, reading entries from his diary (while going off on often amusing tangents) that recall how he ended up in an insane asylum

FIRST LOVE by Beckett
(with English subtitles)

This is a love story between a tramp and a prostitute. Beckett’s genius elevates it to the highest level of poetry and drama. This show exists over 30 years and took part in over 20 International festivals and was touring from Siberia to Kenya and from Moscow to Edinburgh and Florida.

*Madman’s Diary and First Love are double-bill.
*include 15 min intermission