A Seminar by the Lobby of Cyprus:

‘Cyprus oil and gas exploration: challenges and opportunities’   by Antonia Dimou
The geostrategic significance of east Mediterranean energy resources and the role of Cyprus  
Antonia Dimou will analyse recent offshore hydrocarbon developments, geostrategic and security implications and the role of emerging energy players in the region.

Ms Dimou will focus on energy resource development in the Eastern Mediterranean. She will address the opportunities and geopolitical benefits of the Republic of Cyprus’ commercially viable levels of hydrocarbon resources and the boost that will be provided to European energy security. The presentation will address the challenges faced by the Republic of Cyprus to exploit its resources, in particular in light of Turkey’s ongoing illegal actions in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone. Ms Dimou is Head of the Middle East Unit at the Institute for Security and Defense Analyses, Athens; and an Associate at the Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan.

The event is part of Cyprus Week at Theatro Technis, which marks 45 years since the Turkish invasions and occupation of the northern part of the Republic of Cyprus, in violation of international law and ethical principles of civilised conduct.


Admission free • Q&A session • Event will be in English
020 8888 2556 or admin@lobbyforcyprus.org