Video Archive

Theatro Technis’ history as a theatre and community centre has been a visionary enterprise and major contributor toward the identity of Cypriot culture in London and the UK. Thetaro Technis archive is a unique Disapora heritage resource. The archive contains over 5000 records of photography, films, video, scripts, leaflets, posters, interviews and documents about Cypriots and people from ethnicities who have been involved in various ways with Theatro Technis.

It includes material about drama productions, anniversaries and events at the theatre and touring abroad and within the UK. In cataloguing, preserving, providing access to and developing its archive, Theatro Technis is seeking to safeguard a rich cultural and heritage resource, documenting the history and experiences of the Cypriot migration to the UK. This vision encompasses the records of Theatro Technis as a company and charity, the theatre records, the luncheon club, the advisory service, the campaigns, events and social activities.

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