Some Girl(s)

Some Girl(s)

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Some Girl(s)

Your career is blooming, you are engaged to a fresh-faced young girl, and you are on holiday in Cancun - how do you feel? Well, as an alpha male you're antsy, unsure and sceptical so as an antidote you reunite with the ghosts of ex-girlfriends past all of whom you dumped unceremoniously many years ago! Why? Getting cold feet? Reaffirming your choices? Fear of commitment? Or are you still looking for some girl? 

LaBute creates a whirl of tension, provocation, suspense, hurt, apprehension, despair, drama, hope, vengeance, chewed peanuts, scattered cashews, windmill-tilting and lost M & Ms! 
He explores the complex web of men and women who must navigate in relationships with each other - how cultural concepts of 'manhood' can be disabling more than anything else. Our six characters writhe and squirm as they are smashed about by the past and forced to face their fears in the here and now. As a writer LaBute is altogether unforgiving and takes no prisoners as well as making sure that as an audience we are launched on the ultimate emotional rollercoaster ride of our lives!


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