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Theatro Technis
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Theatro Technis
Theatro Technis Theatro Technis
Theatro Technis

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The Bacchae

‘The Bacchae’ tells the story of Pentheus - a stubborn king, unwilling to accept a new and exciting God: Dionysus. Intent on proving his worth as a deity and with the help of his chorus of puppets Dionysus sends the women of the city into a drink induced frenzy. 
However, his efforts are ignored, leading ultimately to Pentheus’ demise. 
With a design aesthetic echoing the Victorian era this show will merge media, puppetry, physical theatre and live action to explore the oppression of women, the taboo of sex and the necessity of moderation.

Anna Marshall - Director
Oscar Wyatt - Director/Lighting Designer
Ni Wen - Designer
Dani Singer - Producer
Jing Ng - Sound Designer
Libby Todd - Set Designer
Harriet Dyson - Costume Supervisor/Maker
Sakura Fujibayashi - Costume Maker
Hester Schrofer - Movement Director
Dani Singer - Producer