Our Country’s Good

Our Country’s Good


Upper School Play 2016

PortlandPlace Schoolpresents Our Country’s Good at Theatro Technis, Mornington Crescent. The cast of student from Year 10 – 13 will be performing Thursday, 8 December and Friday, 9 December 2016.

In January 1788, the first of the British prison ships arrive at Botany Bay, Australia and settle the penal colony at Port Jackson, the site of current-day Sydney. Many of the prisoners have committed minor crimes and their wardens are military men who fought and lost the war against the American colonies. When hope and supplies run low, a lieutenant tries to increase morale by staging a comedy, The Recruiting Officer by George Farquhar, using the convicts as the cast.



Captain Arthur Phillip, RN                                  Amy Douglas

Major Robbie Ross, RM                                     Patrick Miles

Captain David Collins, RM                                 Sophy Green

Captain Watkin Tench, RM                                Lotta Bartha

Captain Jemmy Campbell, RM                          Stela Kostomaj

Reverend Johnson                                             Lara Newell

Lieutenant George Johnston                              Cora Hilliard

Lieutenant Will Dawes, RM                                Augustus Gibson

Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark, RM                   Albie Marber

Second Lieutenant William Faddy, RM   Daisy Tompkinson

Midshipman Harry Brewer, RN              Alex Green

An Aboriginal Australian                         Lara Newell

John Arscott                                           Stela Kostomaj

Black Caesar                                          Fabi Perotti

Ketch Freeman                                        Blake Miller

Robert Sideway                                       Lukas Roniger

John Wisehammer                                   Boris Leigh

Mary Brenham                                          Emily Willis

Dabby Bryant                                           Daisy Tompkinson

Liz Morden                                                Alura Simsek

Duckling Smith                                         Cora Hilliard

Meg Long                                                  Lotta Bartha


Please note that this Upper School Play contains themes and issues that may not be suitable for younger students. If you have any questions about the content of the show please feel free to email me at david.chivers@portland-place.co.uk

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