Anton Pavlovitch is joking

Anton Pavlovitch is joking

Anton Pavlovitch is joking" and is based on three well known short comedies and three dramatic, totally unknown, miniatures by Chekov. It will be presenting this unknown Chekov's work to the wide audiences for the first time  

" Anton Pavlovitch is joking" is the second production of Russian theatre-studio "Alkonost". It is based on three very well known short comedies by Chekov, or "jokes" as author himself used  to call them. Among them "The Bear" and "The Proposal". But we have also included in our performance Chekov's early dramatic miniatures which are less known to theatre goers. Thease are "Before the eclipse", "Once in a spring time" and "Holiday works of Nadienka N". In these unique works great realist writer surprises us by glimpses of striking surrealism of rare beauty combined with the bitter satire. Writer amazes us with the richness of his imagination and true relevans of his work to a modern day reality. We are proud to present unknown works of russian classic to London audiences and hope very much that you'll enjoy the show.

A short resume will be provided for the English speaking audience members at the door. The production will be performed in Russian with no interval. /Approx. duration 1h. 20 min./ 


"Антон Павлович шутит" станет вторым спектаклем театра-студии "Алконост".  Представление состоит из трёх широко известных одноактных комедий или "шуток" Чехова. Среди них пьесы "Медведь", "Предложение" и "Трагик поневоле". В программу  так-же включены три малоизвестные драматические миниатюры "Перед затмением", "Весной" и "Каникулярные работы институтки Наденьки N". В этих произведениях автор поражает богатством творческой фантазии и злободневностью поднятых им тем. Студия "Алконост" рада представить малоизвестные пьесы Чехова лондонскому зрителю.

Краткое содержание на Английском языке можно будет получить при входе. Спектакли пройдут на Русском языке без антракта. ( Приблизительная продолжительность 1ч. 20 мин.)


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