Music and Theatre Workshop for Children, Teenagers and Adults

Music and Theatre Workshop for Children, Teenagers and Adults

Music & Theatre Workshops

for Children, Teenagers and Adults,

in the Heart of London



Theatro Technis announces its educational programme for 2011-2012. With the creation of music and theatre clubs for children, teenagers and adults, Theatro Technis opens doors of interactive nature to the public. These two art bodies will sustain and promote the ethos, history and passion for the arts that make up Theatro Technis.  


The priority of Theatro Technis (TT) is to make a substantial difference ineducation, as well as developing artistic talent, enabling artistic expression in the wider community, building stronger local networks with residentsandbusinesses and promoting community cohesion. The general aim is to boost both the quality and the quantity of its cultural and community activities. TheatroTechnis aspires tobecome a cultural space, a platform that will provide itsaudience with the opportunity to learn, explore, experiment and develop new skills, be creative and engage with the venue through theatreand music workshops. Thus, not only does itcontribute to the actions of otheryouth organisations wishing toeducate people through arts but it also providesthe opportunity to experiencequality entertainment. It is a great opportunity to inspirethe love and appreciation of the arts.


The music workshops will comprise of choir (Glee club, Children’s Choir, Youth Choir and Mixed Choir (Adults),ensemble cello lessons and Theatro Technis Orchestra. These will be accordingly subdivided by age and/or level. The groups will eventually be working towards the realization of their own performance. Additionally, there will be an opportunity for the students to perform in some of Theatro Technis’ professional productions. These activities will give the opportunity to children, teenagers and adultswho love music, to learn more about music and develop their music skills.


The theatre workshops will be divided into three age groups for children and an additional group for adults. The groupswill bebuilding and continuously strengthening the trust between the members in order to develop a team that can work together for the realization of a performance. There will be a close relationship with the music department, leading towards a possible creative collaboration between the two art bodies and its members. Additionally, the group for adults will have the opportunity to perform in some of the professional productions of Contemporary Plays and of Classical Greek  Drama  commissioned by Theatro Technis'.



·                     Allow amateurs to play and rehearse with other people who share the same interests and passion.

·                     Work and interact with professional musicians and actors whowill be visiting the workshops regularly.

·                     Motivate and appeal other young people (and not only) to engage with music and theatre.

·                     Enhance children’s social skills.

·                     Teach children and young people the value of team spirit and teamwork, dedication and commitment.

·                     Create an activity wherepeople will not only be an audience but active and vital participators and creators of original work.



Music and Theatre Practitioners, Professional Musicians and Actors will be visiting Theatro Technis’ workshops for masterclasses.


Lessons will start on the first week of October and will be taking place primarily on a week-day afternoon which will be specified at the beginning of September. Groups for adults will take place during weekends. All workshops will be in English.



Workshops Duration:

Theatre workshops: 3 hours per week

Cello ensembles: 2 hours per week

Choir: 2:30 hours per week

Orchestra: 3 hours per week.



Theatre workshops: £50 per month

Cello ensembles: £50 per month

Choir: £35 per month

Orchestra: £50 per month



For further informationand/or to registerplease contact the workshop leaders directly.


Theatre Leader: Nicoletta Procopiou:

Music Leader: Themis Christou:


Theatre box office


tel : 02073876617

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