Sophokles and Hoffmannsthal

Deep in a dark dank vault beneath the Palace of Atreus, amongst the chattels, objects, discarded memories; amongst all the things that those in the world above wish to deny and remove from their sight yet are unable to relinquish, there lurks an entity; the custodian of the curse that has befallen this family for generations. This creature tends to the curse, fostering the negativity, anger and hatred, fueling and maintaining it’s power. This is his abode; he shares it with the latest player in this tragic story: Electra. He has poisoned both her and Orestes, her forlorn, abandoned and desperate brother, with the curse: possessed them with the pollution of blame and the need for revenge. Like a puppet- meister he directs them to give new momentum to the cycle of destruction, producing more of the negativity on which he feeds and sustains himself.
How might this sinister merry-go-round be disrupted?
Electra features Caravanserai Acting Studio's 2010-11 ATCL Foundation Diploma students.



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