Killing Swine

Killing Swine


KILLING SWINE                      

A DEVISED PLAY                Written and Directed by Will Sherriff Hammond             


11TH to 13th August – Daily at 7.30pm and Saturday Matinee at 3.00pm

Power, corruption, betrayal.  Just your average group of drama students, reluctantly assembled to create a piece of theatre for their end of term project, taking influence from the themes and issues raised in Shakespeare's Macbeth. But when a popular teenage couple's harrowing loss of their child both tears them apart and cements them together, the anger, pain and resent they feel is brought to the surface. In a bid to find answers, seek justification and revenge, they turn on the carefully structured teenage-hierarchical social order that surrounds them, to chilling ends... Secrets are unearthed, personalities clash, allegiances emerge, and loyalties are tested; friendship is a fallacy, and trust becomes a byword for betrayal, when the world of Macbeth and their own world begin to merge and collide, the lines between good and evil blurring, as the play's world and its characters become indistinguishable from their own. Good people do bad things, and someone has blood on their hands.               

Centre Stage Productions and UpStaged Theatre Companypresent this brand new production, investigating a group of teenagers thrust into an adult world before their time is due, forced to deal with the pressures and realities of a world in which they shouldn't yet belong. It investigates the need for answers and meaning in a world that seemingly has none; challenging the notion of what is good and what is evil. The devising process has focussed upon the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, their personal histories, who these people were, and the events that occurred, before the actual play begins. Drawing on research and personal experiences, from a cast of talented and skilled 16-21 year olds, KILLING SWINE gets beneath the skin, sardonically delving into the dark recess of teenage culture, while drawing parallels with Shakespeare's legendary tale.    

KILLING SWINE is devised, written and directed by Will Sherriff Hammond, winner of the High Sheriff Award for New Writing by Alan Ayckbourn.       

In addition to this performance and following the main production of KILLING SWINE, the audience are invited to attend a bonus production of MACBETH, performed by Upstaged Theatre Company, prior to its Edinburgh Festival run: 16-21 August, The Sanctuary, Augustines, Paradise Green, Edinburgh.              

KILLING SWINE is 60 minutes in duration. Following a 15 minute interval, MACBETH also runs at 60 minutes.                                     

Will Sherriff Hammond: I've worked with many young people in the past, and created numerous pieces of theatre investigating that part of life each and everyone one of us can identify with - that precarious, confused, and frustrating period of our lives - the teenage years. And as I'm sure we all agree; life doesn't get any easier, we just learn to deal with it better. However, I find the raw truth and searing honesty from the participants on the projects I work with refreshing and revealing - uncensored by conditioning, thereby immediate, impulsive and candid. These are all qualities that come together to make great theatre that communicates, and helps us form some sort of understanding, some reasoning, for this existence we lead. Or, from Macbeth's own mouth and Shakespeare's word: “Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.”  Killing Swine goes deeper than any piece I've tackled previously, and yet given the subject matter remains funny, moving, surprising and endearing. This I have to give credit to the actors with whom I've collaborated on this project. This is their show. And anyone's who has ever felt lost, hurt, confused; this play is for anyone who's ever been a teenager.     

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