Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Tower Theatre 


Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Penny Tuerk

Shakespeare's timeless tragedy of innocent young lovers doomed by their parents' ancient quarrel resonates across the centuries with the beauty of its poetry, the power of its storytelling and the urgency of its plea for reconciliation. 



Following its London run, this production will be touring to the Jardin Shakespeare in Paris - the Tower's 25th visit to this idyllic open-air theatre.


The Prince's family
Escalus, Prince of Verona : John Morton
Mercutio : Ahmed Green
Paris : To be confirmed

The Montagues
Montague : Daniel Watson
Lady Montague : Rachel Bothamley
Romeo : Adam Lake
Benvolio : Aron von Andrian
Balthasar : Imogen de Ste Croix

The Capulets
Capulet : Simon Taylor
Lady Capulet : Alix de Torquat
Juliet : Asma Mani
Tybalt : Ken Thomson
Old Capulet : Peter Novis
Juliet's Nurse : Niki Mylonas
Peter : Christopher O'Dea

The Church
Friar Laurence : Tom Salyers
Friar John : Rachel Bothamley

The Apothecary : Peter Novis
Guests at the Capulet ball : Rachel Bothamley, Imogen de Ste Croix, Harriet Wynder, Lotte Wynder, Oliver Wynder

Production Team

Director : Penny Tuerk
Set Design : Laurence Tuerk
Costume Design : Irena Pancer
Lighting Design : Robin Snowdon
Sound Design : Laurence Tuerk
Fight Arranger/Choreographer : Lindsay Royan
Music Adviser : Colin Guthrie
Photography : David Sprecher
Stage Manager : Lotte Wynder

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