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by Bryony Lavery 

Directed by Jacqui Marchant-Adams


The tale of a family's devastation, Frozen follows three lives as they intertwine after being connected by the disappearance of a young girl named Rhona. Nancy, Rhona's mother, must adjust to a new normal as she lives on without her child, never giving up hope that she will be found alive. Ralph, a local man, has a troubled past and a disturbing present. Agnetha, a psychologist from the US, has spent years researching people like Ralph, and has become convinced that they are ill rather than evil.

A difficult, important, devastating, big, brave, chilling, but ultimately uplifting and hopeful play. 

The play caused some controversy in 2004, when eminent psychiatrist Dorothy Lewis discovered that the character of Agnetha was based on her life and work (but with some notable embellishments and falsehoods) and that the play borrowed heavily from a book she had written called Guilty by Reason of Insanity as well as an article about her called Damaged, which appeared in the New Yorker in 1997. You can read more about the fascinating story here and learn about how it affected Lavery here.

Frozen was first staged in 1998 at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre with Tom Georgeson as Ralph, Anita Dobson as Nancy, and Josie Lawrence as Agnetha. The play won the TMA Best New Play award and the Eileen Anderson Central Television Award for Best Play. It was revised and revived at the National Theatre with the same actors in the roles. 

Bryony Lavery also wrote the adaptation of Treasure Island recently seen at the National Theatre.

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