The UK and EU Dimensions of ‘Forced Adoptions’

The UK and EU Dimensions of ‘Forced Adoptions’
UK and EU Dimensions of ‘Forced Adoptions’
On the Occasion of 10 MEPs on a Fact Finding Visit to London
WELCOME to THIS FIRST ‘CYBER EVENT’ @ Theatro Technis! “Hole in the Heart” was shown here in the 80s to tell the ‘forced adoption’ story. “The Orchard House” showed the life of an abuse survivor earlier this year.


Today we are meeting to celebrate, share information and news!

So do introduce yourself to someone you don’t know
and tell each other what you’re familiar with:

1. Child Snatching by Social Services’ – aided by Police?

2. The Secrecy of UK Family Courts?

3. Forced Adoptions – legitimised by Judges against Parents’ Wills?

4.  Child Sexual Abuse  - by private foster carers and in care homes?

5.     Satanic Ritual Abuse – the worst imaginable evil by the Global Elite?

We’re actually interacting between three audiences:

·       The people in the Theatro Technis;

·       The people in skype conversations;

·       The people watching us online.

So far: Panellists via Skype: Ian Josephs, publisher of
Ruby Harrold-Claesson, Solicitor, Chair of Nordic Committee for Human Rights
Sabine K McNeill, EU Petitioner and Web Publisher
Belinda McKenzie, Human Rights Activist since 1997
Neelu Berry, Child Rights Activist and Victim of ‘Hampstead Scandal’
Live: Deborah Mahmoudieh, EU Law Specialist and Video Publisher
Maggie Tuttle, Founder of

Children Screaming to be Heard

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