The Challenging Tide

The Challenging Tide

It depicts an epic tale set in the 1930’s and lasts until the end of German occupation of Greece in World War II.

Here we experience Greek Tragedy at its best.
A cruel family betrayal leads to the death of both Uncle and Nephew and neither finds comfort in the Church nor in the State.

"The Challenging Tide is a depressingly beautiful tale of a family torn apart by political events in Greece"(Barbie Papalios)


The Challenging Tide is not only about how Greek people suffered unfair treatments and were arrested or shot to death for their beliefs.

Lillitos questions man’s relationships with himself and the world around him while highlights the hypocrisy of “might is right”.


“ is ultimately expressing the futility of intellectual posturing when faced with the basic realities of life, death and bread” (Leon Conrad)

“Its cross ethnic casting helps to turn this play into a way of opening up the statement beyond one nation’s story to the wider conflict between right and left, them and us…” Howard Loxton


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