Evening Double Bill - Poppy & Ghost

Evening Double Bill - Poppy & Ghost
The London Ballet Company

Evening Double Bill - Poppy & Ghost

Our much loved production of Poppy will be performed on the evening of 21st November along with Ghost, a new piece created by guest choreographer, Rose Larkings. There will be a post performance Q&A with the Director and Dancers of The London Ballet Company and opportunity to have photos with all TLBC artists.

Poppy - Back by popular demand at a poignant time of the year, The London Ballet Company are marking Remembrance Day - Armistice Day with the much loved production, Poppy.
2014 marked the centenary of the First World War. The war, it was proclaimed, to end all wars! The London Ballet Company’s production starkly portrays the havoc wreaked by global war on ordinary people. Seen through the innocent eyes of the child Poppy, we follow a family struggling to come to terms with the cataclysmic turn of events of 1914, as they seek to do their duty and rally to their nations cause. The turmoil of family life forever changed, innocence lost, Poppy remains, like the flower for whom she was named, a symbol of hope and of remembrance. To this day it is the evocative power of the Poppy which reminds and remonstrates the “civilised” world with loss of life involved in conflict.
Ghost - A single soul trapped in between what was and what will be. The comfort of a friend who accepted her existence, is no more. Fury comes from being used, treated like a ghost even in life. The struggle is real, the pain, angst and anger are not. Weightless, free, insignificant, yet forever remembered, A place into which you disappear.



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