Oh, Democracy!

Oh, Democracy!

We proudly present Theatro Technis’ latest production


a musical adaptation of Aristophanes’ “THE KNIGHTS” by Keith Murphy, George Eugeniou and Marco Aponte.


Oh, Democracy! Back in 424 BC, when ARISTOPHANES wrote “THE KNIGHTS” it poked fun at the political leaders in Athens, the like of leather merchant Kleon, who put his own personal gains above the city’s interest. Now almost 2500 years later it is as relevant as ever.


The modern adaptation set in the Europe of Angela Merkel, Alexis Tsipras of Syriza and Eurobonds, exposing and challenging through satirical songs and buffoonery the demagogues who capitalize on the loopholes of democracy in a political and economic system that only serves the rich and powerful.


Two disappointed democrats get hold of an ‘oracle’ that tells them that a sausage seller will overthrow their authoritarian leader.

They go looking for him and find him in the market. What follows is the equivalent of a TV political debate of question time, an agon, a contest, a fight between the elected leader and the sausage seller, which proves that all you need to win peoples’ (Demos’) vote is the ability to sugar-coat everything you say by making more-more unscrupulous promises.



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