"You, Foxfinder, must be clean in body and mind. Always remember that the smallest fault in your character could become a crack into which the beast may insinuate himself, like water awaiting the freeze that will smash the stone apart."

William Bloor, a 'foxfinder', arrives at Sam and Judith Covey's farm to investigate a suspected contamination. He is driven by his education and beliefs to unearth and destroy an animal that threatens man's civilisation, and to remain free from its influence himself. 

A gripping and unsettling parable, Foxfinder is a darkly comic exploration of belief, desire and responsibility, set in a world both strange and familiar.

We are in an alternative or near-future England where the "red beast" has become public enemy number one, held responsible for everything from the worsening weather and the failure of the crops to the manipulation of people's dreams. Samuel and Judith have had a dreadful year. He was unable to work after the accidental death by drowning of their toddler son. Inability to meet the production quota, in a world of rations and scarcity, has brought their farm under suspicion of vulpine contamination. Hence the visit from young William Bloor, one of the "foxfinders" who have been intensively and monastically trained for the job from an early age. As his investigations proceed, the events that follow change the course of all their lives - forever. 

Foxfinder premiered at the Finborough Theatre in November 2011 and won writer Dawn King the inaugural Royal National Theatre Foundation (RNTF) Playwright award, a Pearson Award Bursary as Playwright-in-Residence at the Finborough Theatre and the 2011 Papatango New Writing Competition.

"With its twists and turns and its dark secrets, this is a play that thrills." Daily Telegraph

"The most compelling new work I have seen this year...An arresting and individual work that haunts the mind long after you've seen it." The Guardian




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