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The Love Shack

by Daniel Ward Garber

Produced by Hannah Johnson for HanDan Productions Ltd

Directed by Daniel Ward Garber



Chad McCarty, a spoilt brat and son of a notorious Californian mob boss is celebrating his birthday in one of the most run down bars in Los Angeles with a group of friends.


Richard Long, an investment banker; arrogant and egotistical, he will do anything to promote his own self-image and guarantee him success and power.


Their paths cross with the help of Sergeant Danny Keel and partner Detective Jeff Hughes, both desperate to bust the notorious den of crime known as ‘The Love Shack’ to get themselves the promotions they deserve.


When the party takes a sour turn the friends must decide how friendly they really are. Who can you trust when the penalty for choosing the wrong person is certain death?


In Daniel Ward Garber’s fast-paced and action packed crime drama these characters’ lives intersect in ways they could never have imagined, and with consequences they never could have predicted. What is the value of friendship? What is the price of success? And what is the true cost of loyalty? 



The Love Shack, the ironically named derelict bar in coastal L.A., is the setting against which all of these questions will be interrogated; although the answers may prove unsettling.


The Love Shack is brought to you by HanDan Productions Ltd a new theatre company dedicated to making thrilling, visceral and gritty theatre that's accessible to all!