Scratch Night

Scratch Night

Theatro Technis organizes its first Scratch Night on the 10th of August where we’ll open the theatre for young talented artists. TTechnis has been for 57 years a supportive and learning environment for young people interested in performance and we want to continue on this way by experimenting a new kind of event.

Theatre, Music, Poetry, Drinks, Dance, Cakes, Paintings, Movies & Much more

Invite your friends, spread the word and join us for only £4!


Stray - absurd and reflective solo performance which explores the nature of fear in regards to our goals and how we create our own obstacles. By Rajee Su

Acronym - eclectic mix of rap songs ranging from mythology and kung fu all the way through to werewolves and mother earth. By Jabari Mears

Late Blooming Woman - performance that uses text and physical improvisation in creating the journey of a "Late blooming woman". By Amy Wells

Autoportrait - "Leila Zerai's ambient pop drifts - composed on laptop and trombone - feel haunted, odd and appealing." (Stool Pigeon)

Modern Loves - Short Movie about the meaning of love in modern days. By Dano Pianesi

Mark for Peace - dance performance with live drawing. Paintings by John Ligda, dance by Javier Montero, Isabel Sanchez & Ivan F. Hervas

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The Venue

Theatre and rehearsal space for hire

We want to give opportunities to theatres oversea for bringing the World to Camden and London.

We want to understand and hear You more, working closer with You: our audience. We want to help You speaking to the World.

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