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DO NOT DISTURB by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore.

DO NOT DISTURB BY Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore.


Do Not Disturb is a hilarious collection of zany, fast-paced comedies, all set in a hotel suite, which was a smash-hit in the US in 1991.


Innovative theatre company Curious Cloud turn the Theatro Technis into the Paradiso Hotel and invite "guests" to follow the scent of scandal to the 23rd floor. There you'll meet a single man faced with the most unusual ménage a trois; a chambermaid and a waitress whose encounters with their film star hero don't quite go to plan; a bell-boy who gets blackmailed into starring in a Viking porn film, and a cheating husband whose wife turns the tables on him with her unusual use for an electric drill. Written by accomplished actors Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, this delightful screwball comedy builds to an explosive finale.

Curious Cloud Theatre Company draw the audience into the Paradiso Hotel, giving "guests" the chance to interact with the characters from the plays and immerse themselves in the farcical atmosphere.

Curious Cloud is an exciting new theatre company which launched last year. Our mission is to stimulate and entertain audiences by making them feel part of the action. Led by experienced actress/director Catriona Clancy, (who’s worked for The Sir Peter Hall Company, the BBC, and Don Black) and with a strong emphasis on ensemble theatre, the company takes a new and inventive approach to story-telling.Between them, company members have worked with Mark McGann and the RSC, performed in National Opera and had sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Festival.