Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince

The little prince is a boy with golden hair who lives on a planet not much bigger than himself, called asteroid B612. He possesses a rose who is proud and capricious and whom he loves very much. When he wishes to visit other planets he is able to travel on the wings of migrating birds. He visits  planet earth and encounters a pilot whose plane has crashed in the dessert. There he is able to share with the pilot the stories of his adventure and the wisdom he has gained. 

"It is only with the heart that one can see clearly. What is important is invisible to the eye."

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"The company succeeded again & again using dance, music and imaginative costumes in conjuring up a wonderfully magical atmosphere. Hats off for the director Peter Joucla who succeeds in taking the story from the realm of fantasy to the stage without losing any of its magic" - Scwäbische Zeitung 


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tel : 02073876617

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