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Largo Desolato

The Tower Theatre
Largo Desolato
by Václav Havel
English version by Tom Stoppard
Directed by Jonathan Lermit

This is a rare chance to see this fine play written by Havel shortly after his first-hand experience of imprisonment by Czechoslovakia's communist regime. It is translated by Tom Stoppard with empathy and zest.

Professor Leopold Nettles is awaiting a knock on the door. He fears he will be taken away and accused. He will be forced to make a stand. It is a confrontation that will define his life and work. Those around him support, caution and even ignore his growing tension.

On one level this is a political play about fear created by the oppressive state. On another level, this is a universal story about our need for external validation and the fear of being found wanting.

It is human, edgy and even occasionally slapstick - as funny and dangerous as life.