Dreams from Africa exhibition

Dreams from Africa exhibition

Flying offices, missing presidents and humans turning into animals in African dreams


Have you ever wanted to dive deep into another person’s mind where dreams are born at night? Dreams from Africa exhibition brings eight dreams and dreamers into the visible world through photos and words in Theatro Technis' walls.


“My friend was sick. When I went to see him he was lying on his bed. I don’t know what was wrong but he was very sick. The day turned into night in a second. Later it was his funeral and I wasn’t young anymore but felt myself old.” Peter, 47


The Dreams from Africa exhibition introduces eight dreams and dreamers from several African countries. The dreamers are a multiform group from butterfly farmers to hospital clowns and refugees. In the dreams people help with childbirth, see humans turn into wild animals and search for lost presidents from flying offices. Did you see something similar last night? Do you recognize the scenery which is described for you?


"Soon I saw my sister. She was pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. When she gave birth, my parents came back." Christine, 19


The dreams are collected by Anne Heinonen. She has spent many years in Africa as a human, a volunteer, a journalist and a photographer. She has worked in refugee settlements, lived in primate sanctuaries and spent hundreds of hours on local transport.


The Dreams from Africa exhibition has previously been shown in three cities in Finland. 

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