Educating Rita

Educating Rita

Tower Theatre Company


Educating Rita

By Willy Russell

Directed by Gigi Robarts

Rita White is a fun girl, feisty, eager and quick to learn, looking for a well rounded, well sophisticated teacher who talks proper, who's well stacked with experience, well travelled, can natter in foreign, whose eyes sparkle with raw intelligence! Looking for someone who's kind, patient, full of nous, likes having a laugh but can guarantee to get me through my exams and out of this dump! (Depressed alcoholics, bearded or old-fashioned sods need not apply!


Frank Bryant, a published author and poet, is seeking someone special with an open heart and an open mind to leap aboard the wonderful adventure of learning ... and become another wasted student sponge who thinks that 3 years in a sub-standard university leeching some borrowed opinions on Jane Austen will make them an intellectual before they bugger off to suburbia, reproduce and repeat the process for the next miserable generation. Some of the books on this glorious academic odyssey are bound to include Ibsen, Chaucer, D H Lawrence, Dickens and Shakespeare. (Smokers, fellow moaners, lazy or common people who swear need not apply!)

Rita, our heroine, formerly known as Susan, lives in a Liverpool suburb with her husband Denny. Denny wants to start a family but Rita has bigger ideas, she wants to enrol for an Open Univerritay course in English Literature. Dr Frank Bryant, her tutor, is a world-weary, middle-aged, jaded alcoholic academic who's taking extra curriculum classes to supplement his thirst. Rita is a breath of fresh air and infectious charm and rouses the doctor from his empty lectures and academic stupor. Soon their roles are reversed - the teacher becomes the student and the real lessons of life begin ...

"Everything I know - is that I know absolutely nothing." Socrates

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"Russell's script is funny, pithy and perceptive ...other writers may have made some points ... but few have done so half as entertainingly or empathically" (Time Out)

"He writes so truthfully and wittily ... bubble of delight" (The Independent)

"Russell is a writer of genuine nobility of spirit, with a rare gift for empathy, observation, and sheer humanity…The humour is superb" (Daily Telegraph)

"A truly great play; a succession of blissful one-liners" (Daily Telegraph)

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