Tower Theatre Company 



by Mary Chase 

Directed by Andy Marchant

Veta Louise Simmons lives with her brother, Elwood, in the house bequeathed to him by their late mother. Veta and her daughter Myrtle Mae are aspirational social climbers but Elwood presents as a BIT OF A problem to this. Though he is pleasant and generous, he makes a habit of frequenting bars and befriending "unsuitable" people - the most unsuitable of all being Elwood's best friend, a 6 foot 3½ inch tall invisible rabbit named Harvey.

Harvey is both a screwball comedy rife with cases of mistaken identity AND awkward situations with embarrassing relations and a witty and cynical satire about coping with mental health and coping with people coping with it. At its heart though it asks whether it is better to be oh so clever or oh so kind - and whether a rabbit has the answer!

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