Generation Uncovered: GEN U LIVE

Generation Uncovered: GEN U LIVE

The Crib, Making Creativity Works and Theatro Technis presents

Generation Uncovered: GEN U LIVE


ArA Harmonics
Jade Tamara

Natasha Amina

Slick Dot R


Rimz Artist 

A new concert show from the producers of the legendary annual Boroughs United and popular monthly WildCardRevo residencies in Tottenham's Chicken Town and Camden’s Under Solo.

Boasting a telepathic rhythm section, hard wire rooted in Funk, Reggae, Jazz and Soul; laying the foundation for a popular entertainment experience that showcases the top flight of emerging singer/MC-songwriters.

Shake off the shackles and recharge your spirit with the Generation Uncovered entertainment experience, from smooth, mellow melodies to animated, hard hitting flows and complex harmonies, performed over deep grooves, heavy beats and uplifting soul.


Generation Uncovered - Music Unites

Supported by Youth Music, Collage Arts and The Passion Project

Theatre box office


tel : 02073876617

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The Venue

Theatre and rehearsal space for hire

We want to give opportunities to theatres oversea for bringing the World to Camden and London.

We want to understand and hear You more, working closer with You: our audience. We want to help You speaking to the World.

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