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Top Girls

The Tower Theatre Company 


Top Girls

                                   by Caryl Churchill 

                            Directed by Marta Dunphy-Moriel

Choices, choices, choices ... you can have anything you want, just not all at the same time.

Career-driven Marlene is only interested in women's success in business. Her sister Joyce is a stay at home mum with a difficult teenage daughter.

Marlene throws a dinner to celebrate her promotion and her guests talk about their lives and achievements. But these are not just any women; each is a historical, fictional or mythical woman who has faced adversity and suffered bitterly to attain her goals; determined women who won and lost, who suffered ... and many a time at the hands of other women. Exploring love, religion, sex, equality, politics, class, intellect and more, this critically-acclaimed play poses dreaded unanswered question to the characters and to the audience alike : was it worth it?


Cast List 

Marlene : Hannah Cartwright
Isabella Bird / Joyce / Mrs Kidd : Heather Dalton
Lady Nijo / Win : Jessica Irwin
Dull Gret / Angie : Gabriella Dugdale
Pope Joan / Louise : Landé Belo
Patient Griselda / Nell : Melita Novak
Waitress / Kit / Shona / Jeanine : Leyla Doany


Production Team

Director : Marta Dunphy-Moriel
Set Design : Phillip Ley
Costume Design : Jennifer Oramah, Amy Okeejee Lighting Design : Jess Bernberg
Sound Design : Jacqui Marchant-Adams, Francesco Marseglia
Stage Manager/Assistant Director : Hindatu Yvonne Comma