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Theatro Technis
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Theatro Technis
Theatro Technis Theatro Technis
Theatro Technis

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The Elders

Synopsis of The Elders:

In a dystopian alternative universe, three elected representatives from different communities, with certain physical restrictions, try to work together. Each, in order to satisfy their regions demands will stop at nothing ultimately leading to complete breakdown of communication.

A'dart Theatre:

A' dart is a newly formed London-based theatre company. 
The foundation of A' dart theatre was propelled by a strong need to create performances that raise questions about society's overarching rules and principles. 
We want to invite our audiences to theatrical experiences which will hopefully challenge their shaped perception of the world, targeting issues such as inequality, social injustice and discrimination among others. Our vision is primarily based on the idea that theatre can provoke rational self-reflection, creating spaces for the fruitful exchange of political views and opinions. 
These concepts underpinning our mission as a theatre group, could only be fulfilled through the fusion of artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. A'dart aims to become the meeting point for emerging practitioners associated with the field, who share a passion for a theatre that not only entertains, but also encourages the audience to critically observe the action on stage.

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