Marqus is a dream interpreter whose sole purpose in life is to understand the genesis of the dreams. He is assigned the case of Shambhi who has woken up from a coma after ten years. Shambhi was the sole witness of a murder but he doesn’t remember anything. Through his dreams Marqus tries to find the information about Shambhi’s past.

Cast and Creatives

Phillipe Bosher     - Marqus

Israel Ruiz              - Shambhi

Imogen Penfold     - Pralini

Tania Seron            - Sol

London Taylor        - Joker

Tassia Messimeris - Professor

Jiri Dostai               - Manshal


Written by – Kashyap Raja

Original Music and Direction by –Paolo Coruzzi



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tel : 02073876617

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The Venue

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