Naked Bird

Naked Bird

Nic Careem & The Blue Sky Network presents:

Naked Bird

With John Bird,

"Founder The Big Issue & Winner BBC London living Legend”

Narrated by Phil Ryan

Kind hearts, I ask you to attend a fine performance engineered by Phil Ryan and John Bird (Creators of The Big Issue) that has a unique and interesting theme. That theme is *Redemption!* Ryan and Bird tell Bird’s story through interrogation and drawing of how he moved from poverty and crime into purpose, by adopting art as his main passion. He drew a lot of naked women in order to bring this journey to a useful and creative solution. Without drawing naked women, they conjecture, without art being central to Bird’s life, there would not have been the progress that led him to become one of the most important socials engineers of the last 20 years. Bird will be interrogated by Ryan in the first act of the piece. In the secondpart Bird will draw a model as she cross-questions him about his art and his struggle to make sense of his broken life.


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