The Persians

The Persians

Theatro Technis

The Persians, by Aeschylus
Directed by George Eugeniou
Music Composed by Gillian Spragg
Scenery Art by Philip Firsov and Aurelie Freoua
7 - 11 May 2019   (Preview 6 May 2019)
The Persians, written by the Greek tragedian Aeschylus, documents the Persian offensive against Greece in 480/79 BCE. The campaign, led by the young King Xerxes, brought about the fall of the Persian Empire.
The focus of the drama is the defeat of Xerxes' navy at Salamis.  Xerxes, driven to seek revenge for his Father Darius’ defeat at the battle of Marathon 10 years previously, leads his enormous army of a million men, to attack by sea and land, to conquer Greece. However by attacking by sea, Xerxes directly defies the god’s will that their armies only fight by land, and in his hubris draws down the god’s wrath, to tragic consequences.
The Persians (Ancient Greek: Πέρσαι, Persai, Latinised as Persae) was written during the Classical period of Ancient Greece by the Greek tragedian Aeschylus. Aeschylus himself had fought the Persians at Marathon (490 BC). He may even have fought at Salamis,  just eight years before the play was performed.
It is the second and only surviving part of a now otherwise lost trilogy that won the first prize at the dramatic competitions in Athens' City Dionysia festival in 472 BCE, with Pericles serving as choregos. Given Aeschylus' propensity for writing connected trilogies, the theme of divine retribution may have connect the three plays.
The Persians is directed by George Eugeniou, and features a set encompassing original artwork by Philip Firsov and Aurelie Freoua.
Cast biographies 
Rosanna (Queen Atossa)
Rosanna​ returned to the theatre last year and has recently played Polina
in The Seagull, King of France and other roles in Henry V, Trowle in
the Chester Mystery Plays and Wife in Let us Make the Flames of the
Revolution Rage Furiously. She is currently studying drama at the City Lit
and also sings and plays piano.
Craig (Xerxes)
Craig trained at The University of Wales. He has recently played Alec in
Irish Flames, Roger in 'Women Dream’t Horses'; at the Institute of
Contemporary Arts, Steve in SpeedDating (The Musical) at the National
Theatre Studio. He is a singer, contemporary dancer and enjoys sword
Marian (Chorus)
Marian Buzoianu is a Romanian Actor known as Mario Bob by his stage
name, he trained at CityLit in London, He appeared in Burnt 2016, Silent
Witness 2017. He Played Chorus in Oedipus at Colonus 2017, Cam Girl for Faversham Fringe festival 2018. He has appeared in Films and TV
Full cast list

Queen Atossa : Rosanna Preston
King Darius : Marios Hajipanayi
The Messenger: Leigh Hughes
Xerxes: Craig Jewitt
The Council: Gabi Samuels, Karolina Kriks, Marion Bob, Paul Singer.
Production Team
Director : George Eugeniou
Assistant Director : Craig Jewitt
Lighting : Ash Sanchez 
Sound Design : Gillian Spragg
Art Design : Philip Firsov & Aurelie Freoua
Performance Dates

Tuesday 7th - Saturday 11th May 2019 at 7:30pm



Standard: £10

Concession: £8

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