The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

Whaddya do if your best friend is going through a separation and feeling suicidal?

You wanna help them out, right? So you move them into your apartment, your nest, your home, your comfort zone but, with one swish of a feather duster, they settle in and your serenity is destroyed!

That's what friends are for, right? To drive you nuts, so now YOU wanna kill yourself!

Welcome to The Odd Couple by Neil Simon, who recreated this iconic play of the 1960s with the incomparably mismatched duo, Florence Ungar and Olive Madison.

This zany comedy is set in New York city on Riverside Drive, Manhattan in the 1980s. We are in the middle of a summer heatwave, the girls are over for a Trivial Pursuit game but the air conditioner has conked out and everything is just about to get a whole lot worse!



Cast :
Olive Madison : Lily Ann Green
Florence Unger : Anne Connell
Mickey : Katharine Williams
Sylvie : Tracy-Leigh Batchelor
Renee : Deborah Rothfield
Vera : F. Wilde
Manolo Costazuela : Jonathan Benda
Jesus Costazuela : Jonathan Wober

Director : Gigi Robarts
Assistant Director : Ahmmad Makaddar
Set Design : Tony Bennett
Costume Design : Lynda Twidale
Lighting Design : Rich Evans
Sound Design : Laurence Tuerk
Hair & Make-Up : Oonagh McGraph

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tel : 02073876617

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