The Maids

The Maids


by Jean Genet

Directed by Ruth Sullivan

15 - 19 November

Performed by The Tower Theatre

There will be a Q & A session with the director and cast after the show on Thursday 17th November

A twisted tangle of love and hate, disgust and desire. The Maids act out their fantasies of killing Madame, their deeply ritualistic role-playing pulling us into a world of fantasy and revenge.

With its subversive language and absurdist humour, Genet forces us to examine our acceptance of society, class and power - who creates the roles we play? Who controls who? If we escape - where do we go, what do we become? Ultimately, we change the rules according to the rules by which we already live - we challenge subordination only by enacting the role of oppressor.

The end is inevitable.

Cast :
Solange: Meryl Griffiths
Claire : Philippa Tatham
Madame : Claire Lane
Director : Ruth Sullivan
Set & Costume Design : Aaron Marsden
Lighting Design : Robin Snowdon
Stage Manager/ Assistant Director : Alexa Poch











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