The London Cuckolds

The London Cuckolds

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                         The London Cuckolds
                          By Edward Ravenscroft
                     Directed by Kenneth Michaels

The London Cuckolds presents three marriages. Dashwell is married to “devout” Eugenia, Doodle to “witty” Arabella, Wiseacres to “simple” Peggy. Each husband thinks he is safe from being "cuckolded", or cheated – but are they? Three young gallants, Ramble,Townly and Loveday, set out to prove them wrong!

Three confident husbands, three lively wives, and three determined young rakes – with bed-hopping, mistaken identities, disguises, and lovers in cupboards or under bedcovers. It is straightforward bawdy comedy, and the greatest fun.

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