Ourselves Alone

Ourselves Alone

Ourselves Alone is the highly acclaimed début of Irish playwright Anne Devlin. Set in Belfast at the height of ‘The Troubles’, the play charts the lives of three very different young women, two sisters and a best friend, as they struggle to cope with domineering men and the claustrophobic environment of a city torn apart by sectarian violence.

 Frieda wants to be a singer and escape the clutches of her overbearing father, a prominent member of the IRA; Josie has had a ten year long affair with the powerful and charismatic O’Donnell who refuses to leave his wife, while Donna waits patiently for her lover Liam who has been in prison for the last five years. Funny, poignant, powerful and moving, it examines the unique experience of women in conflict – their loneliness, their sense of isolation and the sacrifices they make for the men in their lives.

 Ourselves Alone was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in 1985 and was joint winner of the George Devine Award in 1986. The Sunday Times Theatre critic wrote at the time that ‘Devlin writes a tough, deeply felt prose…steely with sardonic humour and outraged feeling’.


‘Though this play is set in Belfast, the themes that Devlin so sensitively explores are very much universal and we hope our interpretation is going to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. By the end of the play you can’t help but root for these girls who battle for the right to live a life of their choosing, not one that has been chosen for them.’ - Jude Schweppe, co-artistic director

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