A show of her many talents which includes hand made hats, designer dresses, knitting of laces and necklaces using Swarovski crystals, tapestries of famous icons like “Princess Diana”, “Kamchatka”, “English Hunting” and much more.

Also she composes her own poems and songs.


Mina grew up in a poor family which was evicted from Kirgizstan but made of strong character had to  adapted to extreme situations but nothing would stopped her to achieve her goals and ambitions. An interesting miraculous story of the journey of this 70 years old smart woman, showing the history of the times in the countries of Kirgizstan , Moldova , Kamchatka , Israel , England.

After finished high school in 1960 she went to “Midwife School” finishing with honours. After she studied Dentistry for 5 years in the “ Dental Faculty” finishing with honours.

With her fearless and determined character in 1971 she went to Kamchatka working as a dentist doctor on the fishing processing plant ship for 5 years. This harsh experience kept in her mind to take the opportunity to change her life for her family for the better and she took a big risk to move her family to Israel in the 1970s. She worked there as a dentist in Hifa for 30 years

In  2001 she was awarded “The Great Woman of the 21st Century for showing advanced dental treatment on herself.

In 2002 she was awarded the “Gold Medal for Charity work in Children’s dental treatment.

In 2008 she moved to London, where Dr Kuchuk graduated a Masters degree in International Relations and in 2014 is currently preparing a dissertation for a masters degree in Literature of Russian-English Translation.                           

If you are interested to attend and to hear about her experiences and amazing story please do not hesitate contact us. She will share her experiences with pleasure.

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