Three plays by Perry Pontac--"Fatal Loins, Hamlet Part II and Prince Lear. To be or not to be? may be The Question, but it is not the only one. Hamlet, Part II, for example, answers a question about Hamlet that has plagued scholars, readers and play-goers for over four hundred years: What happened next? Prince Lear answers yet another question: What happened just before the start of King Lear, setting in motion the improbable events of Act I, scene 1? And in Fatal Loins, the question answered by the play is directly posed in the prologue: If Juliet and Romeo survive/Will their eternal passion stay alive? A fantastic collection of plays, giving Shakespeare a new twist!"

--Alan Bennett from the foreword to the Oberon Modern Playwrights Edition of Codpieces

Performed by King's Shakespeare Company

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