3 One Act: 130 Dollars, La Rose Rouge & A True Apology of Socrates

3 One Act: 130 Dollars, La Rose Rouge & A True Apology of Socrates


Three short plays by distinguished contemporary playwrights of Greece.

La Rosa Rouge by Andonis Doriades
A woman facing the possibility of losing her life to cancer, reflects on what that life has been.

130 Dollars
Based on the true story of two poverty stricken boys who created Superman, and were paid only 130 dollars for the rights to their billion dollar creation.

A True Apology of Socrates
Just before Socrates is put to death, for corrupting the people of Athens, he is allowed to make one last speech.


About the plays:


Written by Andonis Dioriades
Performed by Tracy Coogan
Darya Naumchenko, Craig Jewitt

In this monologue, a woman begins a diary which becomes a journey to the unknown, of self-awareness and critical consciousness.

It starts when her doctor diagnoses her with throat cancer and ends on the weekend of a potentially life-saving operation as she gets ready to go into hospital. As she packs, the items she is taking bring back memories and self-revelation … a pair of pyjamas, a book, a photo…

This monologue is a confession that reminds us of the daily and universal elements of being human. It is almost an apology, a common theme among all three plays.

Arthur Miller once said about the playwrite: 'I'm reading Doriade's plays and I find them full of surprises'.



Written by Eugene Trivizas 
Performed by George Eugeniou, Leigh Hughes, Dorota Krimmel, Panos Savvides, Poalo Corussi, Maroula Eugeniou and Craig Jewitt

Jerry Siegel and his friend, Joe Shuster were very shy eighteen year olds. They were both bullied at school and humiliated for their shabby clothes and skinny appearance. They were in love with the girls at school. But the girls ignored them. They were in love with film stars the like of Clark Cable and Kent Taylor. One day Jerry thought, as he was walking in the overcrowded corridors of the school, 'what if I had another self and lived a double life?’

Joe told his idea to his friend Joe who was equally enthusiastic and started drawing great images for the superman, which they were published in the school comic magazine.

They wanted to find a established publisher and managed to sell the comic to Action Comics' publishers, Jack Liebowitz and Harry Donnefeld who gave them 130 dollars for the copyrights without any time limitations. Liebowitz and Donnefeld became multi-billionaires, whereas Joe and Jerry died in poverty after an endless struggle to get a share of the money made by publishers.

The play begins on the night of Siegel’s death when his creation Clark Kent visits him after 37 years absence, to ask him to give him his last interview... Superman's true story.



An adaptation by George Eugeniou and Marios Hajipanayi, of the same named famous novel by Costas Varnalis, translated by Stavros Lillitos

Performed by Marios Hajipanayi and Panos Savvides

A jury has sentenced the controversial philosopher Socrates to death for corrupting the people of Athens. Before he is forced to drink hemlock, he is allowed to make one last address to the people. He stands to face them with a stance reminiscent of his old drinking and fighting days. He gives a mischievous smile as he begins to speak in defiance...


Special Thanks :
Lucy Christofi, Karen Sheard, Panayiota Panteli, Stephanie Savvides, Aris Eugeniou




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