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Theatro Technis is the right venue to run your art show in Camden, London.

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Theatro Technis is highly regarded fringe theatre venue which has hosted some incredibly awesome productions. Established in 1957 the theatre was founded bang in the heart of London's Cypriot community. It called itself Theatro Technis, a name harking back to Ancient Greece when there was no distinction between art, work ad craft.

Charities, Community Groups and Friends of Theatro Technis call for Special rates.

Hire fees:

£2500 per week
£500 per day
£75 per hour

Consult the Calendar for available dates

Theatre Studio with up to 120 Seating Capacity with lighting and sound system.

Dimensions 15 metres by 9 metres.

At Theatro Technis we have been always hosting art events. We welcome companies and artists from London, the UK and the Globe performing their productions in our Studio.

Watch selected visiting Productions hosted at Theatro Technis

Theatro Technis is located in Camden Town, one of the most lively and interesting area of London. Surely the right location to attract your audience before and after your show.

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Theatro Technis

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26 Crowndale Road,
London, NW1 1TT

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