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We are looking for an inspired manager for the Theatro Technis bar in Camden, London. This 120-seat, townhouse theatre stages new works and classic dramas, plus popular musicals. We are looking for a partner to give the theatre bar a beautiful new look and convert it in a cultural cafe. Situated in Camden, walking distance from the Camden Lock and the St Pancras International and the Kings Cross new high street.

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Theatro Technis is highly regarded fringe theatre venue which has hosted some incredibly awesome productions. Established in 1957 the theatre was founded bang in the heart of London's Cypriot community. It called itself Theatro Technis, a name harking back to Ancient Greece when there was no distinction between art, work ad craft. Therein lay the clue to what path the new theatre would take. Regarding itself as a radical alternative to the mainstream, it set out to be rooted in a community whose struggles were inextricably linked with events in Cyprus, at the time a British colony embroiled in the battle for self-rule. Inspired by Ancient Greek dramatists who wrote about the way humanity lived and governed itself, the company's founding principle was "from life to art, back to life&", signifying a magic cycle of creativity and originality. This meant that aside from its prolific creative output, Theatro Technis also provided services to improve the welfare of its compatriots as well as offering a focus for political campaigns, both at home and abroad. As the community itself changed and moved on, Theatro Technis has evolved to serve a wider base but all the while maintaining its core philosophy.

About you:

Theatro Technis's bar would suit an entrepreneur with catering experience, ideally from a managed house or maybe a retail background. You will be keen to create a welcoming cultural cafe and to develop this business to its full potential, drive a team and establish it as a popular venue which will be known for its inspirational and art passion in the local area.

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