62 Years of Theatro Technis 1957-2019

For six decades Theatro Technis has been developing  into an educational, cultural, social enterprise with international reputation. Its close links with local, regional, national & global companies and individuals  enables it to prove and improve its work in ways that will make it sustainable and  more relevant to present and future financial, cultural and social realities, without losing sight of  the core  values of its philosophy and practice. 
By maximizing the potential of its greatest fixed asset, its unique freehold building can accommodate a significant degree of organizational and building development. The aim is to boost the quality and quantity of its  cultural, educational and social  activities.
 Its priority is to make a bigger difference to the education, career development and job opportunities offered to disadvantaged groups (e.g. youth community) as well as nurturing and developing artistic talent, enhamcing  artistic expression in the wider  community, building  stronger local networks with residents, businesses and promoting community cohesion. 
Six decades of theatre practice covers an impressive array of knowledge for theatre courses within the artistic network, therefore the aim would be to accredit our drama workshop sessions in a structured theatre-in-education programme.
Theatro Technis aims to revive the 'Repertory company' concept where artists of all backgrounds - in particular young actors, leaving drama schools in search for  work, will have the opportunity to learn their total craft and all strands of theatre production under one roof. 
Theatro Technis has the capacity to diversify into various strands of activity including the provision of arts cafe with internet, live music, gallery, library &  bookshop, and becoming one of London's leading fringe theatres, a multi-faceted venue in the heart of London, hosting local, regional, national and international art in all its forms, while its advisory service will continue to deal with the local community's social and welfare needs. 
Our success in surviving adversity for  sixty years signifies a turning-point to be hailed as a model of development for newer socio-cultural groups seeking to embrace the core values of social enterprise organizations.

14.10.2017 - George Eugeniou speaks about "Cyprus Trilogy" Play

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