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Yesterday, today and tomorrow's theatre: Long may it thrive.

'Theatro' speaks for itself, but 'Technis' is an ancient Greek word. It come from a time when people made no distinction between art, work and craft. People didn't make theatre for money, they had to live, yes -but the work itself was rewarded enough. It was important then to have passion for what you were doing and to believe that your work benefited others too. That is Theatro Technis.

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Tartuffe - Twelfth Night - Barbarous

BADA presents Tartuffe - Twelfth Night - Barbarous

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Theatre and rehearsal space for hire

We want to give opportunities to theatres oversea for bringing the World to Camden and London.

We want to understand and hear You more, working closer with You: our audience. We want to help You speaking to the World.

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